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TANINS These are organic compounds if butter taste which Occur in different plants tissues. They   are mostly have an acid reaction and are very astringent.   glucosidal. Generally   they   metabolic waste   are regarded   They   as   Droducts, since they tend to accumulate in   dead or physiologically inactive tissues […]


RESINS Resins are substances which develop in some plant species as a result of the partial or plant Complete oxidation of essential oils. Some resins are sticky, viscous liquids, while others are hard, brittle solids. Resins colour could range from colourless to brown. Resins are referred to as sap or exudates, both of which include […]


BEER   This is an alcoholic drink produced from the fermentationof a cereal crop named  malted barley by Yeast. It is widely consumed across the globe Contains about 3- 8 percent alcohol. The basic building blocks of beer are the four   ingredients: water, malted barley, hops and yeast.   Types of beer   There […]


 FATTY OILS Fatty oils are fixed or non volatile oils. They cannot be distiled without being decomposed. They contain glycerin in combiation with a fatty acid. They are may be liquid or sometimes solid at room temperature Those that are liquid usually contain oleic acid while the solid ones contain palmitic or stearic acid. Fatty […]


 PLANT SECRETIONS/ EXUDATES Plant secretions or exudates are substances that ooze out form the pores of injured or diseased plant tissues. They include gums, rubber, pectin, resins, tannins, essential oils, fatty oils, drugs, dyes, sugars, starches, and toxins.   4.1 GUMS   These are substances which are natural derivatives of cellulose carbohydrates and which are […]


 FOSSIL FUELS   Fossil fuels are formed Irom the organic remains of prehistoriC plants and animals. They are responsible for much of the world’s electric power and total energy demands. Fossil fuel comprises mainly of coal, oil and gas. These three were formed millions of years ago beneath the earth’s surface from the decomposed bodies […]