A pathogen is an important parasite causing a wide


range of acute and chronic infections through

pathogen-host interactions (PH/S). Pathology is a

research field in life science (biology), focusing on

the biological damage due to interactions among

biological entities.It is the extreme distortion of

cellularstructure and function by biological

entities. The biological interaction is studied based

on the impact on natural network and biological

organization of life as pathogen struggle to live and

procreate within their host. The crucial role of

these inter-species molecular interaction research

is to understand the mechanism of infection so that

diseases could be prevented or cured. Pathogenic

parasites are species that interact with material

substances that make up living things. Thisis

because all living things require energy, and

energy flows between organisms and between

organisms and the environment so that they can maintain homeostatis. AS this interaction deepenS

the structure and cellular organization of livin g

systems are affected, viability ot organisms drops

and symptoms is raised. This biological phenomenan is studied in pathology. A human or

plant host is a nutrient-Tich, warm and moist

environment, which remains at a uniform

temperature and constantly renews itself.

Therefore many pathogens have evolved the ability

to survive and reproduce in this desirable niche.

They are able to cause disease because they have

developed highly specialized mechanisms for

crossing cellular and biochemical barriers and for

eliciting specific responses from the host organism

that contribute to the survival and multiplication of

the pathogen. The signs and symptoms of infection

may be caused by the pathogens or by the host’s

immune response in action. Infectious parasites or

pathogens which are capable of causing illness or

death on humans and veterinary productions,

which we study under investigative and

experimental pathology and theoretical study


Protozoans (micro parasSites or organisms

invisible to the naked eye)


Rhizopada. Entamoeba histolytica

Mastigophora. Trypanasoma

Sporozaons. T.rhodisence

Platyhelminthes Plasmodium species







Trematodes and cestoodes Fasciola hepatica,











Nematodesa (marcoparasites visible to the

unadided eye)



Pathology Of Living Things


Hookworms (animal) of man or AScaris



Ancylostoma and Necator Filarial worms

Wucheria bancrafti, Onchocera volvolus and


or loa loa


Guinea worm



Plant food pathogens, include



Virus and nematodes



Pathology is the scientific (investigative and

experimental) study of structural damages in fiving

systems which occur as a result of disturbances of

life processes by elements of biological origin or

pathogens (infectious organisms) and resultant

changes in environmental conditions (physiological

factors), of their host and development o

techniques for their diagnosis, prevention and control.

The biological remedy to pathology advocates

preventive rather than curative measures for

prevention and control of diseases.


Pathology addresses emerging challenges in

community (population) health and agriculture

thus making it (pathology) an entrepreneurial

education especially in food production and

security, and employment opportunities.


As we Consumne the resources provided by Our

territorial waters, veterinary productions and food

crops, pathology creates the consciousness for

experts engagement as stewards for ensuring

healthy food supplies, sanitation and water hygiene

and health infrastructure development.


Diseases OCcur when pathogens invade to interfere

with vital function of bodily component as they

engage in nutritive association within their host,

resulting in deviation from a healthy growth on the

part of the host and appearance of symptoms.

Pathology is born out of the quest to identify and explore important question concerning pathogenesis, epidemiology and the biological

resolutions in disease control.
















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