This is an alcoholic drink produced from the

fermentationof a cereal crop named  malted barley by Yeast. It is widely consumed across the globe

Contains about 3- 8 percent alcohol. The basic building blocks of beer are the four


ingredients: water, malted barley, hops and



Types of beer


There are two primary types of beer:






Ales: This is beer brewed using the to

fermenting yeast. It has a sweet and fruit

taste. The sugars are not all converted in to-

alcohol and so, ales is not a very strong beer

Ales are fermented at higher temperatures 65

75°F. To brew ale, fermentation must take

place in warmer temperatures for the yeast to

multiply They generally use top fermenting


yeast. This means that the yeast floats

(flocculates) on the surface for the first few


days and then settlees to the bottom. Ales are

usually higher in alcohol and willd he




noticeably fuller and more complex.

Varieties of Ales


Ales also have gotten many varieties which



Pale ale, or “bitters, This is brewed from


pale barley malt. Unlike its name, pale ales

can be colorful


Cream ale,

Mild ale and


Barley wine: Barley is the conventional

ingredient of popular alcohols. Malted barley

produces darker beers, when roasted for


prolonged periods. It usually tastes sweet.


Stout. Stout is hard ale with a saltier

taste. It originated in Ireland. It is a dark-

brown beer with a slightly burned taste and is

made frOm inferior grades of malt. The color

1s Irequently heightened by the addition of

caramel or licorice. It is stored for at least a

year belore it is used. It is more, delightul

Lnan ale and holds strong hop characteristics.

Forters: This js a malty, delicious and


sLrong type of bcer that originated in bnglanl


orter was first brewed in 1722. It 1s a

ark-brOwn beer with a slightly burned

aste and is made from inferior grades o


alt1The color is frequently heightene

y the addition of caramel or hcor


er 15 stored for 6-8 weeks before 1t 15



Lagers: Lagers are fermented at much colder

temperature of about 46-55°F. Lagers use

bottom fermenting yeast, which does not float

to the surface before settling. Lagers tend to

be lighter in color and usually taste drier than

ales. This type of beer has a crisp taste and is

carbonated. The color of the lager depends on

the environment in which it is brewed. They

are generally less alcoholic and complex. This

is the most common beer type sold in the U.S.


Varieties of Large


Beck beer: is a very strong dark beer, usually

made’ in the springtime from the first of the


new malt and hops.


Pilsner. Pilsner 1s a term often seer



ol brands all Over the world. Pilsneer


alcohol got its name from the place called

has been brewed since last 800 years, and

quality and style. It is a clear, golden colored


Plzen in Bohemla, Czechoslovakia


has never bee challenged in its un

Served with most every type of food.









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